Learn how to program a drone

Follow along!


You need the following hardware:

You need to have a standard laptop running Windows/Mac/Ubuntu. I have tested it on Mac and Ubuntu 18.04.


You must have the latest version of Node.js installed in your system. Visit this site to download Node.js.
You need to have the latest version of Google Chrome installed in your system. Visit this site to download chrome.

Connect to drone

Connect the battery in the drone and it will boot the drone system.
Check your WiFi connection. You should an access point naming similar to one shown in the screenshot below.

Connect to the WiFi network.
Once connected, open up the terminal and try to do a telnet to – this is the IP address of the drone.

Programming the drone

Let’s code our app. First, create a new folder and switch to it using the terminal.

mkdir drone && cd drone
Create a new Node project using the following command.

npm init --y
Let’s install the required dependency.

npm install --save ar-drone
Here is the code.

Running the code

Connect to the drone WiFi and run the code using the following command.

node app.js and see the drone fly and follow the commands as mentioned in the code.

Here is the small demo.